Key Features

KYC Integration An allowlist model for added security benefits. It’s a KYC function that only allows verified users to participate in project launches. Permissionless Fixed Swap Pools Controlled by smart contracts, ensuring fair and transparent token distribution, projects can list their new tokens at predetermined prices.

NFT Sales Platform As of March 2022, projects can now launch their NFT projects with us. Whether these are Metaverse, art or in-game assets, our platform can host the lot. Council The Polkastarter Council is a group of independent companies, projects and individuals that steer the Polkastarter selection process and help guide the development of the platform.

Flexible Allowlisting System This allows unlimited addresses with individual maximum allocations resulting in low gas fees. POLS Staking POLS Power is the metric of Polkastarter. Staking POLS within our smart contract grants you access to project launches and we’re soon launching more features around POLS Power and staker rewards.

IDO Staking Designed to reward IDO token holders with more tokens instead of solely focusing on the "sell-pressure” and, therefore, we’re offering yield farming on Polkastarter projects.

Anti Scam Verification Procedures giving a full allowlisting model with strict KYC ensures no bots can enter the project sales.

Fair Lottery System Fair and tamper-proof, token incentivized lottery and ticket system.

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