Technical Roadmap

Phase 1

This will start with the launch of a minimum viable product (MVP) on the Ethereum network.

The goal of this phase is to test the swap and token sale dynamics, gather user feedback, and prepare a robust infrastructure that can be migrated to Polkadot. With a variety of EVM-compatible Polkadot projects competing to be parachains, we are confident that our work on Ethereum will enable us to bootstrap development work on Polkadot.

Phase 2

This will see the full launch of the working product on the Polkadot environment, enabling Polkadot projects to raise funds in DOT or any other Polkadot-based tokens that the project chooses to raise in. Our vision is for Polkastarter to offer cross-chain pools and token sales, by taking advantage of Polkadot's bridges such as BTC, ETH and USDT

Detailed Roadmap 2020 & 2021

Q4 2020 - Phase 1 (Minimum Viable Product)

  • Polkastarter 1.0 (Ethereum Beta)

  • Permissionless listings

  • Liquidity Mining

  • Key token swap information, including smart contract, swap ratio

  • Fixed swap public and private pools

  • Private pools with password ideal for OTC and private-sales

  • Anti-scam features like smart contract verification

  • High slippage price alerts

  • Pool swap page with features like max pool amount

  • Max investment per user limits

  • English, Chinese and Korean languages

2021 - Phase 2

Q1 2021

  • Polkastarter 2.0

  • Multi-chain token pools (Ethereum and Polkadot)

  • Staking for Governance

  • Staking for Pool Rewards

  • Community-powered featured project voting

  • Full KYC integration

Q2, Q3 and Q4 2021

  • Polkastarter 3.0

  • Cross-chain token swaps

  • Dynamic ratio swaps