MVP Core Features
In the past few months, we’ve been actively developing the first version of Polkastarter on Ethereum. The goal for the MVP is to be a fully working fixed swap platform for ERC20 token pools, creating a marketplace that links pool creators and liquidity providers.
Pool creators will be able to create and launch fixed token swaps in a permissionless environment. Liquidity providers will be able to earn and transact in these new tokens.
Community incentives such as liquidity mining will be live from day one to bootstrap network effects. Our strong and growing Polkastarter community will be incentivized to improve the usability and interface to optimize the platform experience before launching in Polkadot’s environment.
In summary, the MVP will consist of the following core features;
  • Fixed Swap Pools
  • Liquidity Mining
  • Staking for Pool Access
  • Private Pools & Whitelisting
  • Permissionless listings
  • Other Features e.g. Anti-scam, Anti-slippage
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