Fixed Swap Pools
From our homepage, users can explore and participate in several token pools. These will be fixed swap pools, in which two or more parties exchange a fixed amount of tokens for a predetermined price.
In this initial prototype, pool creators will be able to enter pool details such as;
  • Token contract address
  • Name of the pool
  • Limit per address
  • Type of pool access (public, private, whitelist) and finally;
  • Token price.
We are starting with fixed swap pools because they solve one of the biggest problems in automated decentralized exchanges like Uniswap.
While these exchanges are great for day-to-day spot trading, they don’t work that well for token sales. It’s usually impossible to get the initial listed token price because bots buy up all the initial liquidity. On the other hand, Polkastarter Fixed Swaps will enable a stable, organized, and fair token swap infrastructure.
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